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Board of Directors

Pictured from left to right: Kelly Packard, Kurt Anders, Alice Simpson, Bill Hastings (Not pictured: Joyce Williams)

Kelly Packard

Executive Director, Retired Basketball Coach

Living Hope Mountain Respite was born out of our personal story of loss. Our oldest son, Derek, passed away in 2013, and my husband, Rich, and I are passionate about how the death of a child impacts the marriage relationship. There is great value in grieving marriages observing a couple that is further down the road on their grief journey.
Our personal experience of the death of a child and the road our marriage has traveled the last 10 years allows us to compassionately come alongside other marriages on this undesired road. We rely daily on our Living Hope, Jesus Christ, and point other grieving marriages to our Savior. Be assured, and rest, knowing that a sense of anxiety prior to the retreat could be present. The anticipation of opening sacred spaces of grief to others can create anxiety. Perhaps the assurance of our ministry’s mission and vision will comfort any anxiety: to provide a respite weekend for your marriage as you move through the deep grief of the death of your precious child. And to comfort your marriage with the same comfort our grieving marriage has received from God. 

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Alice Simpson

Treasurer, Retired Teacher and Coach

Over my many years of friendship with Kelly and Rich and their family, I saw a faith-filled and grounded marriage and family structure. Even in disastrous and grievous situations, they desired this bond and leaned into their faith and family strengths, and still do. I witnessed this over the years and desire to help as a board member to bring hope to other couples.
I like to be in a supportive role and live life alongside this family. With my prayers and other people associations, I can endorse and verify their genuine outreaches.
The magnificent scenery in the Rocky Mountains will be healing to your soul.
I admire Kelly and Rich, an authentic couple who understands and cares, and is on mission to share their healing journeys.

Bill Hastings

Board Member, Financial Advisor With Focus Financial Strategies LLC

The mission of LHMR is personally significant to us, as well as knowing Rich and Kelly through their journey.  Early in our marriage, our daughter Grace was born and died the same day. We had no idea how painful and deeply alone we would become in the suffocating grief journey.  Although surrounded by many well-meaning friends, few that could help us work through the "London Fog" of grief.  Then a mentoring couple strongly recommended we go to Estes Park, CO for a week to read, discuss, walk, pray, and process our shared loss.  The concern was the risk to our marriage, if this threat was not faced together as a couple.  Over 35 years later, our marriage continues to grow through issues of loss and grief.  Plus, walking alongside those who share our journey to gain hope in Christ. With an extensive and varied background in Fundraising, Development and Financial Advisory Services we hope to use our talents and experience to support, encourage and equip Living Hope Mountain Respite to be freed to focus on the ministry God has called Rich and Kelly to fulfill helping others in their grief journey. We strongly recommend you invest the time and heart for your marriage and grief journey.  Rich & Kelly are empathetic, humble, effective listeners, skilled "alongsiders" and joyous examples of true recovery and restoration.  This may be the most helpful step in your hope, healing and recovery.

Kurt Anders

Board Member, Anders Financial Management,
LPL Branch Manager

It is a privilege to be on a board that helps provide such a biblical need for grieving parents. Living Hope comes along side of couples to encourage one another and experience renewed hope for the future in a Christ centered setting.
God has guided the Packard’s to establish a respite weekend in a beautiful and peaceful location. You will be met with caring hearts and Godly encouragement as they share His amazing steadfast love for you.

Joyce Williams

Founder of Light of the Rockies
Christian  Counseling Center

I met Kelly and Rich Packard in a professional capacity in 2017, four years after the tragic loss of their son Derek. I was immediately impressed by this couple’s deep faith. They had made great progress in processing their pain and sorrow at the time we met and I continued to work individually with Kelly for about three years When they as a couple began to share with me their desire to begin a special ministry to couples who were facing a similar journey through grief, I was certain that they had found a calling from the Lord.

I began working in mental health in 1977. From the beginning of my career, I have been drawn to grief work. I always have felt honored to be invited into someone’s deep and private pain. It is a sacred place of trust where God can bring comfort and healing. I have seen the death of a child be the catalyst for divorce. Living Hope provides an opportunity for a husband and wife to connect in the midst of their grief, away from the day-to-day responsibilities that sometimes isolate them individually in their pain. I feel it to be a privilege to be asked to serve on their board.