Who We Are

Rich and Kelly Packard

We met in the fall of 1986 at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana. Rich was a junior majoring in math and physics, and Kelly was a freshman communications major. We both participated in college athletics, and Kelly contributed to the university newspaper and yearbook.  Rich played football, and Kelly was a member of the women’s basketball and track programs. After graduating in 1988, Rich pursued his master’s degree from The Ohio State University in Electrical Engineering.   After graduation in 1990, we married and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado.

In 1994, we experienced the birth of our first child, Derek. And, in 1998, we welcomed our second child, Evan. Our boys also enjoyed athletics of every kind. Derek gravitated to golf and football as his favorites, while Evan finished his high school athletic experience competing in both basketball and golf.

Each member of our family has had a focus on our personal relationship with God, made possible through Jesus Christ. We have been blessed to be involved in great churches, Bible studies, small groups, and youth groups.

Rich has been fortunate to spend his entire career as an electrical engineer in the semiconductor industry, and Kelly has spent her career as a women’s basketball coach at the college and professional level.

In June of 2013, our oldest son Derek, died in an accident shortly after his freshman year at Colorado Christian University. Intense grief can take a toll on each relationship, including the marriage relationship.  Our family’s grief journey continues, and our desire to encourage marriages on this particular grief journey began to develop over the last few years. In the spring of 2019, we began taking active steps to create a nonprofit ministry to provide a marriage retreat respite weekend to encourage, comfort and share the Hope of Jesus in our brokenness. 

Derek Packard

Derek had such a zest for life, and he had a sparkle in his eyes that made him a joy to be around.  He loved family and many people described him as an old soul.  You know, the kind of young man who always liked to sit with the grownups and listen to story after story as he drank in the fellowship.  What did Derek like to do?  Even though he played golf at Colorado Christian University, Derek loved football and was in the process of transferring to Anderson University to play his sophomore year when he died in an accident in June of 2013. Derek enjoyed being active and he also loved cars.  You know the kind of cars that most of us can’t afford (Aston Martins, Dodge Vipers, Ferraris, …), but a guy can dream can’t he?!  Who was Derek?  Physically, he was 6’4” 210 pounds almost 19-year-old male who was and is the son of Rich and Kelly and the brother of Evan.  Relationally, he was a friend to many and the sort of guy who had a soft spot for those who were struggling.  Most importantly, Derek was a child of God and for this we are eternally grateful.  A child of the one true King, that’s our Derek.

Evan and Gabby Packard

Born in Colorado, Evan has spent most of his life in Indiana where he graduated high school.  He enjoys many things from the simple, like rooting for his favorite teams (Clemson Tigers/Pittsburgh Steelers/Indiana Pacers), to the bigger picture items like building and maintaining relationships and helping us to build a ministry.  Evan achieved his undergraduate degree in Business Finance and his MBA at Anderson University, graduating with honors.  Evan married Gabby Kramer on June 11, 2021, and we are delighted to now have a daughter! Evan, Gabby and their dog, Mowgli, reside in Loveland, Colorado. 

Evan, like his brother, enjoys being active and he too loves cars (again the kind mere mortals only dream about).  In the summer of 2019, he climbed his first 14er, Long’s Peak.  It is one of the more difficult climbs (rated as strenuous) with the highest failure rate in Colorado, yet he was able to successfully reach the summit on his first attempt.  Another thing that Evan shares with his brother is his love for Jesus.  Not only are Derek and Evan earthly brothers, they are also brothers in Christ.